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Kazimi International Laboratory is driven by pathology, biomedical and clinical scientists, who conduct several tests. The Muscat, Oman based Clinical and Anatomical Pathology Reference Laboratory collects the sample and studies disease, its causes and progression as well as consult the diagnose as a part of our Report Interpretation Services. Many patients and individuals from hospitals, polyclinics, specialty clinics, and other clinical laboratories come to us for availing the lab test services. We, as a Service Provider, specialize in carrying out a number of Endocrinology, Bio – Chemistry, Heamotology, Clinical Microscopy, Microbiology, Histopathology & Cytology Tests. The lab is dedicated to carefully collect the sample, study the samples and create accurate report. Through these tests, the professionals can study infections, disease in human tissue, blood disorders, chemicals in blood, and much more. Once a lab test results are concluded, the doctors can screen the disease, check potential health risks, diagnose the condition, identify the prognosis of an illness and monitor the progression of a condition and determine its condition, whether it is getting better or worse.

The lab receives samples from more than one healthcare centers. As a part of Free Home Pickup Service, it also collects samples from your home/office and send the test results via email. The tests results help doctors identify the abnormalities, if any. The potential fatal conditions can be detected at early stages through preventive screening.


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To provide a reliable name and a dependable lab for conducting several clinical and anatomical pathology lab tests amongst patients and healthcare centers in Oman and whole Gulf Region.


Kazimi International Laboratory strives to maintain an excellent work environment, which fosters teamwork, unity, respect for diversity and professional growth.

We are committed to serve our:
Patients, by offering quality lab testing services and accurate results for optimal health outcome.
Health Care Partners, by fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and sharing expertise. We collaborate with healthcare centers and clinical laboratories and guide them to improve diagnostic pathology services.
Society, by bringing to light health concerns and educating the community the same matters.


Over 33 years ago, when doctors relied on stethoscope and pulse as their primary investigation tools, one man set up a diagnostic laboratory believing that the future of investigative medicine will rely upon laboratory tests as a primary diagnostic tool. Today, this laboratory has grown to incorporate the latest in diagnostic medicine, supporting clinicians across the region with reliable reports for accurate diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.


Syed Ghiyassuddin Ali Kazimi

Chief Executive Officer

Syed Mohammed Ziauddin Kazimi


Syed Mohammed Shajiuddin Kazimi

General Manager


Kazimi International Laboratory is a reliable name one can trust for carrying out several clinical microscopy, histopathology & cytology, hematology, endocrinology, microbiology, and bio – chemistry tests in Oman and whole Gulf Region.

Corporate Office

  Kazimi International Laboratory
  P. O. Box: 1289, P.C. 133
Building No : 58 Al Dhayafa Street,
Opp .Turkish Falcon Restaurant,
After Indian School,
North Al Ghubra,
Sultanate of Oman.
Tel No:
  +968 22518055
  GSM No:
  +968 98083786, +968 99316786
  kazimilab@gmail.com, sgakazimi@gmail.com